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Our Goal is to:
Make Your Travel Safer
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Our Goal is to:
Create a Better Environment
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Our Goal Is To:
Create a Safe Space for Pedestrians
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Our Goal is to:
Promote a Continuous Flow of Traffic
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Our Goal Is To:
Create Less Wait Time

About Roundabouts

Lee County is beginning construction in the fall of 2020 on a roundabout at the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Commerce Lakes Drive. Construction is expected to take about one year.

Roundabouts provide many operational benefits when compared to traditional intersections. These include fewer delays, less expense to maintain, sufficient capacity to accommodate fluctuating traffic, longer life span and fewer, less severe crashes.

Roundabouts reduce travel time by allowing traffic in all directions to flow continuously. Motorists travel in a counterclockwise direction around the circle and proceed in their intended direction without stopping. Studies show a significant time savings because motorists do not have to wait to make left-turns. Roundabouts are efficient both during high traffic and low traffic. Even if many vehicles are using the intersection, vehicles can move continuously with little or no delay. Vehicles do not have to wait for a signal to change when there are no other vehicles in the intersection. 

Roundabouts provide improved safety for all modes of travel. One benefit is an overall reduction in vehicle speed while still accommodating all traffic movements. Also, the number of vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points decreases from 32 to eight as shown in the graphic below. Head-on and high-speed collisions are virtually eliminated. Studies also
show a reduction in the occurrence and severity of pedestrian and vehicle conflicts. Due to the roundabout design, pedestrians only cross one direction of traffic at a
time with a roundabout.

Intersection vs. Roundabouts

Modern Roundabouts are designed to be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists than traditional intersections. Vehicles are moving at a slower rate of speed in roundabouts – typically between 15 and 20 mph. Crosswalks also are set further back from traffic, allowing drivers more time to react to pedestrians and bicyclists before merging into or out of the roundabout. Triangular islands between lanes of traffic give pedestrians a safe place to wait if they choose to cross only one direction of traffic at a time. 

The center of a roundabout is used for decorative features, which could include landscaping.

To drive a modern roundabout, go to Beth Stacy Boulevard (just south of Homestead Road) and Business Way in Lehigh Acres. This roundabout has greatly improved traffic flow in the area, and residents interviewed after the roundabout opened are pleased with the improvement.

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Documents + Notices + News

All updates, notices and documents related to the Gateway roundabouts project will be posted to
keep you up-to-date.

Why Roundabouts Makes Sense

Improve Safety

  • More than 90% reduction in fatalities
  • 76% reduction in injuries 
  • 35% reduction in all crashes
  • Slower speeds are generally safer for pedestrians

Reduces Congestion

  • Efficient during both peak hours and other times 
  • Typically less delay

    Reduces Emissions and Fuel Consumption

    • Fewer stops and hard accelerations, less time idling 
    Save Money
    • No signal equipment to install, power, and maintain

    Improves the Area’s Look 

    • Signal wires, poles and ground equipment are eliminated 
    • Center of roundabout used for landscaping.